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How do I book a party? 

Contact Bree directly to schedule. 


What is a good location for the party?  Is food provided? 

One option is to choose a venue.  There are several that I work with directly that do not charge a usage fee and sell food and/or drinks on location.  When working with a venue, I’m happy to make a few suggestions based on your need and location.  If there is a place that you love to visit, I’m glad to contact them on your behalf to discuss all the details of the party and discover if this can be a new partner.  Having the space or spot will never be an issue; it is relatively easy to find somewhere for the party.  Class is portable and neat.  It has been held at schools, wineries, private residences, pizzerias, restaurants, meeting halls, business headquarters or branches and more.  Weather permitting, class can be held outside.


I also hold public events at several spots around town.  By being Facebook friends you can remain notified of these events as they occur.  These are great options for anyone that wants to attend alone or with a handful of friends.


The other option is to hold the party at your home.  In doing so, you may choose to serve snacks/refreshments.  Alternatively, you can have guests bring their favorite appetizer or beverage. All of this is discussed in a quick phone call when we select our party date.  I then communicate with everyone over email when the invitation is deployed to let him or her know how to plan.


Remember, the goal of the night is to meet to relax and paint.  So if you do plan your own party, don’t fret over the food.  In almost every case where class is concerned, food and alcohol are purchased independently of the class ticket.  One exception to this is the Wine & Paint night at local retail store J. Paris Designs.  In that circumstance, the storeowner manages all incoming funds through her website and the ticket price includes food and wine.  Bumble Bree Art cannot provide any alcohol during class and all painters should drink responsibly.  All attendees assume their own personal liability.


How many people should I have if I want to have a private party? What is the maximum amount of people that can attend? 

The minimum head count (including the hostess) is 10.  It is best to get in touch with friends during planning to get a general idea of availability.  I encourage you to invite people to bring a friend or relative.  There is no maximum for class, though restrictions vary by space.  Painters do not need a large space.  To help understand spacing, a standard card table fits 3-4 guests.  I will help you layout the space and even bring additional tables and chairs if needed.  Please request these in advance. If we fall short of the 10 attendees, the event can be rescheduled for a later date or there are additional options.  Contact Bree for more information.


What will I learn in class? 

I strive to keep it fresh and exciting, no matter how many times we paint together! We will go over basics and branch out to several different techniques.  Sometimes the class is focused on a type or style of art.  Other times, the focus is more on helping to complete the work in the allotted time. Regardless of the subject or theme, we have fun and learn.  Class was designed for any skill level; adjustments are made to help new painters with becoming comfortable with the brush and canvas.  


What do I need to bring, and do I supply anything if I’m hosting?  

Regarding food, refer to the first question.  Regarding supplies, I bring everything and coordinate tables/chairs with you.  Each painter has his or her own easel, palette, brushes, paper towels, water, unique tools as needed, etc.  I do ask for access to a water source and place to wash brushes at the end of the event, if possible. Participants are asked to dress comfortably and are encouraged to bring an apron.


Who manages the invites and incoming money? 

To take the weight off the hostess, I take care of building and sending an invite.  However, I will require an email list from the hostess 3-4+ weeks before the party in order to contact everyone.    


For private events, payments are collected through Pay Pal.  Most often, everyone pays for his or her own ticket.  When the invitation is sent, attendees are given instructions on how to purchase the ticket.  It is helpful in planning to have all tickets ordered 48 hours before the event.  Your participation in this is extremely helpful and makes for a wonderful class.  Texting your friends to remind them or encouraging them to attend will increase attendance, and increase the fun! 


Occasionally we have people jump in last minute due to schedule changes.  This is fine, just send me a text or email so I can be sure to bring enough supplies.  


When public events are posted, there is a link for payment.  Please refer to that exclusive link as there are times when you will pay the venue directly.


For pre-paid private parties (where someone pays for all guests up front), hostesses should will make direct arrangements with Bree for payment.  


What about refunds?  

I do my absolute best to accommodate everyone.  I can issue refunds up to 48 hours before the event, but not after.  The tickets are transferrable, but require you to call me for details.  Due to price changes in tickets and ticket availability there may be an additional fee if the ticket is transferred.  If an event is cancelled completely due to unforeseen circumstances, everyone is reimbursed.


What about a party for kids? 

Contact Bree directly to coordinate your child’s next birthday party or school social.  Fees and time frame are adjusted to accommodate our mini painters.  You can also check out our kids page for more information. 


Do you have classes for guys? 

Yes, silly.  Men are encouraged to paint at any class.  That is, unless it’s girls’ night.  I hold couples parties, business functions, fundraisers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and so much more.  


What are your qualifications? 

I’m a communications major from BGSU and spent considerable time in the corporate realm.  Sales training and experience in the print industry lead me to Advertising.  After working for a weekly paper in Cleveland, I held several positions at the Akron Beacon Journal in Advertising.  Management and a love for helping guide others brought me to the world’s most precious occupation – being a parent.  After making the decision to leave the traditional workforce, I found working from home as a business writer both rewarding and fruitful.  During all of my career transitions I painted.  And painted.  And painted some more.  After more than 20 years of passionately painting I finally gave my side business a name and a goal.  With a push from a good friend, I designed my first class and held it at J. Paris Designs.


Bumble Bree Art strives to serve others through the development and teaching of art.  Sometimes we’ll be friends because you need a dog portrait, which is a win for everyone.  But other times we’ll get to know each other at the easel.  Although most of my work was done alone and through word of mouth on custom canvas and walls (murals), I designed the class with non-painters in mind.  In addition, keeping the classes at a modest size gives me a chance to maximize one-on-one time.  My favorite moment in class is watching a grown up take on child-like excitement at the beautiful work they have completed.  It is rewarding to remind people that they can express themselves through art, even if they have never painted or paint frequently.  Art has healing powers, which I fully believe come from slowing down and concentrating on making our lives still for a moment.  Connecting with people and entertaining them for a few hours is something I honor and treasure; and I try to bring the best of me to each class so you have a great experience. I am always happy to provide references, even if you’re just considering hosting.


Do I get to pick want I want to paint? 

Yes, if you are the hostess.  Public events are pre-determined but you’re welcome to do your own thing.  In fact, if you want to do your own thing the entire time, be my guest.  However, my instructions for the night are to get those that tune in to complete the planned concept.  This does allow for variations and on-the-spot advice.  But when someone takes an entirely different direction, I cannot disrupt the scheduled painting.  I will have to stick with the plan to respect our time, so I might not get to chat with you the entire way through your painting.  Hostesses are emailed a concept album to select from, but are not limited to my art alone.  We can brainstorm a totally new concept instead.  If you love elephants, let’s paint elephants.  Overall, my hope is that the artwork finds a place in your home. 



Can you paint this picture I have of my dog Brutus on my old farm from 1992? 

Absolutely.  I love custom projects and will work with you directly for Nanny’s 90th birthday present or the new baby’s wall.  Just give me a ring.

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