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Fostering creativity in children is very important to us. We find that the best way to build up a child is to show them how to have fun while aquiring a skill. We offer serveral different avenues for them to explore their creative potential.

Birthday Parties

Book a private party for your son or daughter on their special day. We will bring the experience to you. Customize the day by choosing a painting to fit your theme or we can come up with a concept for you. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

Kid's Classes

We believe that all kids have creative potential. Our kid's painting classes are designed to be age appropriate and available through most venues. We hold classes in schools, churches, non-profit settings, in homes, and most public venues.

Contact us for more details.

Everybody loves a princess party! Invite your princesses to arrive to the party in their favorite princess dress. They will enjoy a pretty project, a tea party and story time. The Princesses will also be taught basic dinner table etiquette while they enjoy their treats.


Contact us for pricing, further details and scheduling.

(We ask that all refreshments are provided by the host of each party. Bumble Bree Art will provide all other craft and tea party supplies.) 

The Artists

Kelci Rayl is one of our artists at Bumble Bree Art. She specializes in our children's activities. She has a Bachelor's degree in Childhood Education with a minor in Art. She was a Children's Program Director for ten years before she took some "time off" to stay at home and raise her three children. She will be the artist who represents Bumble Bree Art at most of our kid's events.

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