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Cancellation and Payment Policy

Adult Painting Parties

Individual Class Ticket Purchases  

$35 per ticket (canvases) $45 per ticket (pallets)


Group Ticket Sales = $35/$45 per ticket for first 20 tickets, $30/$40 for each additional ticket up to 40 people, $25/$35 for the next 40 + tickets purchased. This applies only to tickets purchased for a party paid in full by the company or host/hostess of the event.


Tickets include all set up/teardown, instruction and entertainment, all painting supplies including a 16"x20" completed canvas or pallet for each person to take home and event photos posted online. Also included in cost - assistance in event coordination if needed.  

Painting Parties for Children

Individual Ticket Purchases = $25 per ticket


Group Ticket Sales = $25 per ticket for first 15 tickets purchased,  $15 for each additional ticket purchased thereafter. This fee structure applies to private parties purchased by the host/hostess on one bill.


Tickets include all set up/teardown, instruction, all painting supplies along with a 9"x12" (or similar size) completed canvas for each child to take home.

Cancellation and Payment Policy

Please understand significant preparation takes place for all parties.  We do our best to make your event a success, including emailing guests on your behalf and coordinating venue details. 

Individual Ticket Cancellations

For any tickets purchased individually for a private party or public event, a 50% refund is processed if the cancellation request is made by phone or email more than 48 hours before the event. Cancelling after the 48 hour window will not include a refund for the ticket. 

Group Party Cancellations

For all cancellations before the 48-hours window of the event, a 75% refund is processed on group ticket sales. Cancelling after the 48 hour window will not include a refund for group sales.

Private Party Deposit

A non-refundable deposit needs to be paid two weeks or more prior to your party in order to reserve your date.  The deposit will apply to the total amount of the party.  Please note: even if the host/hostess prefers individuals to purchase their own tickets online, the deposit must still be made to reserve the date of the private party. 

Adult Parties = $35 deposit for a party of 10-20 people, and $70 for 20+ people.

Kid's Parties = $25 deposit for a party of 10-20 kids and $50 for 20+ kids.

Final Payment

The remaining balance on group parties must be paid in full one week prior to the party.

For Private Parties with individual payments for attendees online, please note a minimum of 10 paid seats must be paid for the Private Party to be held.  If there are less than 10 paid seats before the event, the host/hostess has the option to reschedule or pay for the remaining seats up to 10 spots and still hold the party.

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