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Jessica's Birthday Party

Jessica's Birthday Party was a celebratory gathering of many women from First Glance in Akron. First Glance is a Ministry based Youth Center geared toward students who need a safe place to go and do what kids do best... hang out and have fun together. These lovely ladies believe in the goals of this organization and have given some of the better parts of their lives to serving there. Another neat little nugget about this party, is that it was held at the home of the owner of Rock Candy Holds in Akron. Rock Candy Holds is a great company that makes holds for rock climbers. We had a wonderful time together! Check out First Glance at and Rock Candy Holds at

Kiwi popsicle

#firstglance #akron #wineandpaint #paint #paintingparties #rockcandyholds #rockclimbing

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