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Kara's Crossfit Party

I had the chance to paint with these lovely ladies who can really pack a punch...well, not really. Though I wouldn't put it past them. This party was packed with strong women from CrossFit APC in Wadsworth. Most of the girls that attend also do a Bible study together, so their selection for the painting was a crown of thorns with a favorite Bible verse. CrossFit APC was also recently at one of the church events that my church does every year, the Grace Race. Grace Church in Bath hosts the Grace Race every year on Memorial Day. It's a great family event and part of the festivities is a CrossFit challenge. Personally, I have never done the challenge but it's VERY impressive. Thank you ladies for such a fun event!



#CrossFit #CrossFitAPC #paintingclasses #paint #paintingparties #painting #wineandpaint #gracerace

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