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Stillwood Ladies Night

Summer has been busy with beautiful outdoor painting parties. For the recent event at the Stillwood Pavilion, Alyssa Naragon was the hostess. She is a repeat costumer of mine, and has become a fantastic artist. Alyssa is a pro when it comes to hostessing. She welcomes everyone, is an amazing cook and coordinates this kind of event to connect with her neighbors. The subject of the evening was a rustic window with a vintage bike. The most inspirational part of the evening was the social aspect of the class. Our classes are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere where people can network and learn about other people. Guests of all sorts come out to these parties, some are flying solo, mother-daughter pairs are very common, and some people come with a couple of close friends. This is a perfect way to bond with peers or co-workers and better get to know a group. Thank you Alyssa for yet another grand event.

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