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Buzzing at the Wine Mill

I love to visit with groups that are friends for various reasons - church groups, mom groups, couple friends, bachelorette parties, old high school buddies, sorority sisters, families, etc. There is always a reason to assemble and paint together. The Wine Mill is a venue where we enjoy painting in the upstairs loft. For this sunflower duo I had the pleasure of painting with the Summit County Beekeepers. Something I know little about, the beekeepers have an entire website you can explore if you're interested in:

They are also on Facebook:

Queen Bee Peggy Dodds Cartwright set up this night. She even passed out honey and some other gifts to the attendees. I've had the pleasure of painting with Peggy many times and really enjoy her company and talent. I was delighted to share this time with some of her friends that I'd met before and enjoy painting one of my favorites...BEES! I had to explain that my name and logo didn't come from beekeeping, sadly. Amidst artist's block, I decided the name of my business based on one of my favorite words my children spoke at a young age: bumblebee. It almost has my name in it and makes for a super cute logo. But, I digress.

So we put together these beauties, sunflowers awaiting the bees. I added the honeycomb sky for some interest. The concept and the night went great and we have the artwork to prove it!

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