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Summer Murals

The other side of Bumble Bree Art is where I get the chance to really relax into my practice. Murals and Custom Canvases. Not only do I sell art that you may not have designed, but I produce a lot of art that you can be involved in planning. One way is to have a custom mural on your wall.

This art is my favorite to produce because the impact is so huge. My first high school started this fire in me long ago when I gained permission to window paint angels and Whos from Whoville with on the inside glass in the halls. As time went on and I eventually became comfortable with a large scale, I have developed a passion for designing the wall painting to engage the rest of the room (building off of colors from the comforter or other furniture). Here are my recent murals from this summer, including some close-ups of the paintings. The mural with the little boy fishing has bits of our islands that we love here in Ohio, Put-in-Bay, Kelley's Island. It features his familys' boat and the ferry that runs to the islands.

If you're ever interested in doing something like this, simply contact me for an estimate. These are great for residences and businesses alike. Psst...makes for a great winter remodeling project.

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