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Poolside Painting

Fairlawn Country Club was lush green with landscaping at its peak when Bumble Bree Art held a painting class by the pool. Some of the guests had never even picked up a brush and some had a wealth of art experience. This is the right painting for that occasion, since the wine glass and bottle painting can be beautiful just following the steps or customized with climbing grapevines and shading. Our painters did exceedingly well and stayed for the sunset. I was delighted that there were men in the class too!

Art Support Team member Nichole helped as we watched the barrells, bottles and glasses take shape. Painting outside is always a joy. I am constantly reminded that art really does calm the mind when I walk around class. You'll find some focused painters, quietly appreciating the breeze. Some best buds laughing and discussing brushstrokes. Some adventurous painters trying a new technique and smiling about the results. Whatever the case, our goal is always to create an enjoyable evening!

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