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Pumpkins at North End Market

One of my favorite locations to teach at is North End Market. Artist support Jennifer shared a festive fall night with me, as we painted pumpkins. I love that Elaine prepares assigned seats, delectable treats and has a staff ready to talk wine. It was impressive to see the oranges come alive as our little painters sipped and chatted. Fall colors get me in the mood for rich food. The culinary crew at North End had my stomach growling right when I walked in - it smelled amazing in there.

Almost every class, I get to see a few nervous newbies master a painting. After just a few steps, first-time painters get in their groove. I had a few pumpkins I was especially fond of this time! Great job to all participants and remember - you don't need to have ANY experience to take the class. You can also be a repeat painter and have a super time. I try to add options to the painting for our friends that feel like pushing the limits.

If you're not yet familiar with this hangout, coming to our next painting night October 26th is a great way to give it a try. Just contact Elaine directly to reserve your spot: 330.342.1400. I encourage you to join us, we'll be painting acorns for our next class.

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