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Singing in the Rain with Penguins

What do you get when you combine a penguin, an umbrella and some bright colors? Kristin's birthday party. Hollie threw a party for friends and family full of puddles of paint. And yes, it rained that day. It was a nice change from the extreme Ohio heat we've survived for the past month. We relaxed to country music tunes and took a moment to sing to our birthday girl. Having a painting party for a birthday event with Bumble Bree Art means we can paint whatever our guest of honor would like. Kristin just loves penguins and I was elated to add such a cute little character to our colorful paintings. It really was adorable, and I'm glad I got to share the special day with Kristin!

Special credit goes out to one of her friends that had a dominant hand injury. Not only was Hannah an amazing artist, she actually made her work of art with her non-painting, non-writing hand. How's that for talent?

#paint #painting #paintingparties #wineandpaint

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