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Lake Forest-Birds of a Feather Paint Together

Nothing better than a sweet and friendly staff and our girlfriends at Lake Forest Country Club on an unseasonably warm day. Artist support was with my buddy, Christine. She helped me demonstrate the shape and beauty of feathers, and the unique variations of each one. Something wonderful about our painters here, they never cease to amaze me. When urged to take their own spin on something, they really reveal their creative side! Just check out the group photo, where you'll see that although we were all in the same room, our imaginations gave us direction. I encouraged them to really "get lost" in this process because the palette was so easy to adapt. I realized when I painted the concept how much fun it was to really take my time, blend and mix the paint and reshape the feathers with black or white. Thank you to the club for allowing us to visit and share our love of art! If you want to learn more about the club check them out on FB: and via their website:

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