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The Wine Mill Celebrates Certified Payroll Services

Ever email someone and wonder after many, many have I never met this person? I was finally able to hang out with the woman that has expertly handled our payroll for years, and enjoy the company of the Certified Payroll Services employees. They met at the Wine Mill to celebrate a job well done, which gave way to an additional applause for the quality of these paintings. Since my camera didn't do these justice, I bet you could visit any one of their offices and see it in person...when you set up your business with them! They truly care about the locally owned, disorganized individuals (not going to mention any names, but perhaps the writer of this blog). I love the intro on their website: Whether you pay one employee or over one hundred employees, once a week or once a month, if you are an expert or hiring your first employee...we can help! Let us take our time for compliance and accuracy. Use your time for business! With the ever changing rules and regulations concerning payroll processing, we fill in the expertise that you may not have. Plus, we'll keep you informed about new payroll developments that may affect your business and employees.

They have been a great help to us over the years, and I am glad I finally put some names with faces. Check them out on FB: and online:

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