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Hand Painted Holiday Pallets for You!

It's the Holiday Season!! That means it's time to Deck the Halls and hand pick gifts for the special people in your life. Let us help you with that and relieve the stress of wandering the aisles. At Bumble Bree Art we offer custom work, including murals and canvases. But the fun doesn't stop there! We also paint in wood. Whether it's a project you would like for your home or to give away as the perfect gift this year, we have plenty of options available for you. Pictured below are a few ideas for you to start with. If you're interested in a custom wood pallet we have a wide scope of sizes, stains and capabilities. Let us know if you'd like any of these or if you're interested in designing a pallet piece we can bring to life for you. Stay tuned because we often get inspired and sell our unique ideas completely finished and ready to wrap. Happy Holidays!!

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