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Bree Young

I have been painting with acrylic paint for over two decades.  Though I began as an Art Major, I loved working with people and found myself studying the art of public speaking by my second year of College. I received a college degree in Communications from Bowling Green State University and entered the corporate reals, but the arts were never far from my heart.  While I worked on my career, I also painted custom work (murals and canvases) part-time for both leisure and business.   While in sales for a printing company, I gained a unique perspective on color and composition in annual reports and marketing literature. Eventually this lead to employment at the local cornerstone of news - The Akron Beacon Journal.  My focus turned to developing effective advertising concepts both in the local Northeast Ohio/Akron area and across the Nation with corporate headquarters to funnel funding to small businesses.  In it all was a desire to help, to teach, to serve.  


After having children, I worked from home as a business writer and entrepreneur – and as a result, Bumble Bree Art was born.  Custom work opened doors for a teaching opportunities in rooms up to 60 people.  I now coach painters through a step-by-step process to turn blank canvas into something that reflects not only the class concept, but your personality.  It’s a recipe that can be adjusted throughout class and on-the-spot guidance. Those that are apprehensive usually follow directions quite well and end up with something they love, and those that love to break the mold are encouraged to take advantage of pointers and tips during class.    


Though painting can seem daunting to some, I believe anyone can paint, relax and enjoy a class.  You'll be warmly greeted and participate in a few hours that give you a break from our busy world. The physical nature of painting requires us to focus, be still, work on fine motor skills and accomplish something great.  Moreover, painting classes are an amazing way to connect and interact with one another in a fun, judgement-free environment.


Kelci Rayl


Painting has been one of my favorite past times since I was a student in high school. Art has influenced my life throughout the years and has always been my favorite outlet. I’m a mom of three beautiful kids, twin 7  year olds and a 5 year old. We incorporate drawing, painting and other artistic mediums into our life regularly. I find it creates joy and peace in our home with the added bonus of lasting beauty.

I earned my degree in Elementary Education and the Arts. This many years later I am able to live my dream of being an Educator in my children’s school and instructing Made by Me classes of all kinds. Bringing beauty and creativity into the lives and homes of others is a great passion of mine. I look forward to sharing experiences with others that bring out their creative potential.

Along with the Made by Me painting classes I make custom wood signs designed by myself and my clients. For more information and to see some examples Like my Face Book Page Pretty Pallets Home Decor.

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